All windows can be fitted with mosquito nets. It’s an effective way to protect your interior from all kind of insects. At the same time, fresh air is not prevented from entering the interior. Our mosquito nets are made of high-quality mesh and durable frame with connecting elements. The simple and firm way the frame is fitted throughout its length by means of rotating metal brackets, without affecting the window frame structure, means the frame upgrades the functionality of the window and reliably protects our interior from insects.

Mosquito nets don’t limit visibility and constitute an integral part of the window. Fitting and removing mosquito nets doesn’t require any tools. All elements the frame is made up of are resistant to weather which guarantees outstanding durability for many years.
Mosquito net profile elements are incorporated in the frame by means of PVC corner beads.
In the summertime particularly, when the number of insects increases significantly, mosquito nets become an indispensable part of a window. Thanks to them, we can comfortably spend time at home and, at the same time, enjoy the proximity of the outdoor environment.
Our satisfied customers claim that whoever introduces mosquito nets into one’s home once can’t imagine it without them. Visit our sales department and check out the ready-made mosquito nets and find out about their advantages.