MB-45 is a modern aluminum system intended to perform not require thermal insulation elements of architectural interior and exterior, for example .: various types of partition walls, windows, doors, including doors manual and automatic sliding, swing doors, vestibules, boxes cash registers, display cases, spatial structures. The versatility and attractiveness of the system further enhances the opportunity to choose between several variants of solutions for different constructional details, eg. Bottom seal doors, seals sliding and swing doors, shape of glazing beads, shape and height of the door threshold.

  • a variety of functions and ways of opening windows and doors, adapted to the needs of users
  • Available door 1- or 2-leaf, opening to the outside or inside
  • doors adapted for mounting various hardware
  • Various shapes of glazing beads: Standard, Prestige, Style
  • a large selection of variants of the door seal and the shape and the thresholds
  • the possibility of two-colored constructions: profiles can have a different color from
  • on the outside and different on the inside
  • assembly in individual

The structural depth of the window sections is 45 mm (frame) and 54 mm (sash), and for doors: 45 mm and 45 mm. Such assumed depths of casement and frame sections give the effect of one surface from the exterior side after closing – in the case of the window, and the facing effect to the surfaces of casement and frame – in the case of doors. The shape of the profiles allows achieving slender and resistant window and door structures. The tightness is assured thanks to application of special gaskets made of EPDM synthetic rubber, which guarantees aging resistance during long-term operation. The system allows for the use of pane thickness of 2 mm to 35 mm in window and from 2 mm to 26 mm in fixed windows and door sashes.

We offer the opportunity to paint all types of powder coatings in a whole range of color palette RAL or NCS. Profiles are painted in powder technology ensures uniform coverage profiles. In addition, paint is characterized by high durability and resistance to weather conditions.

An important advantage of the presented system is the possibility to bend profiles and to achieve various types of arch structures, which is important for the renovation of the windows and doors in historic buildings.