Presented window and door system with thermal break MB-60 is a modern construction company ALUPROF SA, coming out to meet the wishes and requirements of our customers: architects, investors and cooperating companies. MB-60 is a modern aluminum system intended for realizations requiring thermal and acoustic insulation of exterior architectural building elements, eg .: various types of windows, doors, vestibules, spatial constructions, etc. A characteristic feature of the system window and door MB-60 is its close connection with other business systems ALUPROF SA, especially with window-door system without thermal MB-45.

  • a variety of functions and ways of opening windows, tailored to the needs of users
  • Various aesthetic solutions offered by the window with hidden wing version of the appearance of “stalopodobnym” Industrial and strip glazing three types: Standard, Prestige, Style
  • door 1- or 2-leaf, opening to the outside or inside, available as large-size structures
  • the possibility of bending profiles to build arched windows
  • assembly in individual solutions or aluminum façades
  • aesthetic connection with facades
  • windows and security doors
  • the possibility of two-colored constructions: profiles can have a different color on the outside and different on the inside
  • the possibility of CE marking

Window and door system MB-60 is characterized by a low value of heat transfer coefficient U, thanks to the use of special thermal separators and gaskets. Another feature of the MB-60 is to adapt the structure to the possibility of installing a typical, according to the European standards, hardware, locks and hinges. As a result, it is possible to realize various wishes of our clients without changing the basic structure. The structural depth of the window sections is 60 mm (frame), 69 mm (casement), and for doors: 60 mm and 60 mm. Yes assumed depths of casement and frame sections give the effect of one surface from the exterior side after closing – in the case of the window and the effect of wings doors flush with the frame on the inside. Sections have profiled grooves of dimensions so that you can in the application of enveloped hardware and connecting elements in accordance with the EURO standard. In the MB-60 mounted fittings are reputable companies, such as ROTO, GEZE, Fapim, and good quality Polish (including the company produced on branches accessories). These fittings are tested during many years of operation and constantly innovated.

We offer the opportunity to paint all types of powder coatings in a whole range of color palette RAL or NCS. Profiles are painted in powder technology ensures uniform coverage profiles. In addition, paint is characterized by high durability and resistance to weather conditions.

An important advantage of the presented system is the possibility to bend profiles and to achieve various types of arches and arch structures.