Lift-slide doors are an ideal choice as a building connecting rooms or conservatories with the external environment, provide a convenient exit to the balcony, terrace or open space of the garden. They allow very good contact with the environment, and in the open position does not take up space inside the room, which further increases the comfort of their use. Thanks to its characteristics, this system is ideal for both single-family houses, as well as in comfortable apartments or hotels.

  • robust and slender profiles allow the construction of low-threshold doors with sash weights up to 400 kg, height of 3.2 m and a width of 3.3 m
  • a wide range of fillings, including the use of sets of single- or dual-chamber and the thermal breaks and additional accessories and insulation cartridges provide very good performance thermal and acoustic design
  • glazing beads in three versions appearance: Standard (rectangular), Prestige (rounded), and Style (shaped)
  • closed shape of glazing beads and anti-pry details allow you to get an increased ownership of burglar unchanged essential components door
  • Special shapes closing and glazing gaskets and appropriate fittings ensure high tightness through the door water and air
    profiles are adapted to mount a number of commercially available hardware and lockable manually using automation
  • a high degree of compatibility with the MB-86 allows aesthetic connection door MB-77HS with windows and the use of common components necessary to produce the possibility of two-colored constructions: profiles can have a different color on the outside and different on the inside
  • a wide range of colors allows any arrangements door and independent design environment, both external and internal

The MB-77HS is one of the products with the best performance and meets all the requirements of this group of products. It has two different variants of thermal insulation structure ST and HI. Construction profiles allows you to perform exclusive doors of large dimensions, with glass one-or two-chamber and the materials and technical solutions to help achieve a high degree of thermal and acoustic insulation.

We offer the opportunity to paint all types of powder coatings in a whole range of color palette RAL or NCS. Profiles are painted in powder technology ensures uniform coverage profiles. In addition, paint is characterized by high durability and resistance to weather conditions.

An important advantage of the presented system is the possibility to bend profiles and to achieve various types of arch structures, which is important for the renovation of the windows and doors in historic buildings.