MB-SR50N EFEKT is a façade which thanks to the use of a special system for fixing panes to mullions and transoms provides a uniform external appearance of a smooth glass wall divided by the structure of vertical and horizontal lines of 2 cm. The gaps between glass fields of the façade are filled with a special silicon binder to ensure high tightness of the construction and enhance its insulation properties. As compared to the MB-SR50 EFEKT façade construction, which has already been popular on the market, the new solution has a number of new possibilities, in terms of technology as well as aesthetics.

  • angle joints enabling the free shaping of aluminium structures
  • posts and beams with ‘sharp’ edges allowing construction of curtain wall supporting structures with the appearance of a uniform truss
  • aesthetic façade varieties and a number of lining profiles of various shapes providing multiple curtain wall appearances
  • wide selection of opening elements for the façade: various types of windows and doors, including roof windows, windows integrated with the façade as well as tilt and parallel opening MB-SR50N OW windows
  • a wide glazing range along with the availability of insulators and accessories allowing a high level of façade thermal insulation
  • possibility of bending the profiles and fabricating arch windows
  • compliance with CE marking requirements
  • appealing look

One of the basic advantages of the MB-SR50N EFEKT façade is the rich possibilities of glazing: the wide range of infills available in the catalogue includes one- or two-chamber glass, as well as non-transparent panels based on complex glass. The real novelty, and undoubtedly the hit of this type of façades, is the possibility of using glass units with a laminated pane. The precisely developed infill mounting system allows the flexible and economic adjustment to the technical requirements of a specific project – it is diverse depending on glass weight and includes solutions that enable  loads to be transferred from panes to profiles in such a manner that a load capacity of up to 450 kg can be obtained. We have two standard pane mounting variants at our disposal: with the use of continuous or point frame, which allows the manufacturing process and price to be optimised. Another big advantage of the system is the fact that it has recommendations from three world leading suppliers of constructional and weather-resistant silicones: Dow Corning, Sica and Tremco-Ilbruck, which not only enhance the prestige of this solution, but also ensure and guarantee the resistance and tightness of the construction, as well as easy access to technologies for glazing companies. In this system, the possibility of using silicon in different colours is also worthy of attention, as it significantly widens the spectrum for the creation of façade aesthetics.

We provide the possibility of coating with all kinds of powder varnishes within the whole range of RAL or NCS palette of colours. Profiles are painted using powder technology ensuring uniform and regular coating. Moreover, the varnish coat demonstrates high durability and weather resistance.

A very significant quality of the MB-45 system is the possibility to bend the profiles and create various types of arch structures, which proves very useful for the renovation of windows and doors in historic buildings.