The system is intended for constructing and creating the light curtain walls – flat panel hanging and filling type, and roofs, skylights and other structures. The shape of mullions and transoms allows building aesthetic facades with visible narrow dividing lines, while providing the durability and strength of the structure. Additionally, the profiles have rounded external edges, what gives the so-called. soft-line effect. A variation of aesthetic facades MB-SR50 is called. horizontal and vertical line, which are accentuated divisions – horizontal or vertical.

  • Aluprof MB-SR50 – system of outside facades
  • heat transfer coefficient Uf of 0.8 W / m2K
  • a wide range of opening elements in the façade: various types of windows and doors, including tilt windows, roof windows as well as dedicated solutions for facades, eg. A window MB-60EF
  • Connection Angle allow free formation of building aluminum
  • variety of aesthetic facades and a number of profiles overlay of different shapes ensure the achievement of many variants of the image elevation
  • a variety of functions and ways of opening windows
  • a large range of glazing and available free of insulators and accessories allow you to achieve a high level of thermal insulation of facades
  • constructs anti-theft class 2 and 3
  • freedom in designing
  • high aesthetics

Use of a continuous thermal break made of insulating material HPVC and profiled gaskets made of EPDM allows for the appropriate class of thermal insulation and minimizes the phenomenon of condensation of water vapor on aluminum elements. To perform the broken walls in horizontal and vertical section the special overlay profiles and appropriately shaped clamping and masking, which means that there are no restrictions on the spatial body and the shaping of the building, and eliminates the need for special post arc.

We offer the opportunity to paint all types of powder coatings in a whole range of color palette RAL or NCS. Profiles are painted in powder technology ensures uniform coverage profiles. In addition, paint is characterized by high durability and resistance to weather conditions.

An important advantage of the presented system is the possibility to bend profiles and to achieve various types of arch structures, which is important for the renovation of the windows and doors in historic buildings.