Greenline is a lead-free stabilizer in the formulation of plastic for the production of high-value window, which already meets the specific requirements of the environment of tomorrow. Select now a modern generation of windows with plastic, deciding thus to their greater durability. Important for high-profile plastic stabilizer greenline you receive standard and no overhead windows and door system brand Kömmerling. According to the guidelines of the EU since 2010, the leaders of the world market window are committed to complete withdrawal stabilizer lead. We do it now!

The company Koemmerling from the very beginning of its activity was distinguished by high quality product, with particular emphasis on the implementation of modern technologies. And so it began several years ago, the history of the brand Greenline in Germany. Then, the first attempt to create a fully ecological windows. Its aim was to eliminate the production of harmful to health and the environment of lead compounds. Established in co-operation with the company Congis, a sister company of the company Henkel, which is the world leader in innovative solutions in the chemical industry.

The technology was developed Greenline (then at Koemmerling), which is completely excluded from the composition of the stabilizers window harmful lead compounds replacing them with friendly health and the environment, minerals, calcium, zinc. This move perfectly inscribed in the pro-ecological policy of the European Union. Because according to the document called the Green Paper in Brussels he recommended to the end of 2015 to completely abandon the use of lead in the manufacture of window profiles. Group brings together three Profine window systems Trocal, KBE and just Koemmerling already in 2000 launched the Greenline profiles. In December 2003, we created Profine Poland Sp. o.o. based in Wroclaw, to meet the expectations of Polish customers promote a new generation of lead-free PVC profiles in Poland. Classic requirements oknom- water resistance, resistance to heat, cold, wind, rain has been supplemented by a new ecological criteria. As you can see, ecology does not exclude advanced technology. On the contrary, increasing customer awareness of environmental protection has forced the company to seek new solutions that not only connect all the existing advantages of the windows, but will also be environmentally friendly. Profine Poland is now the market leader in cutting-edge technology window profiles, PVC stabilizers on the basis of ecological and at the same time is at the forefront in terms of quantities sold window profiles. Specialists brand Greenline put great emphasis on the excellent acoustic insulation and high resistance to weather conditions. At the same time they took care of elegant and interesting design, which is used both in modern construction as well as in classical architecture. Windows manufactured on the basis of lead-free profiles Greenline are neutral for the body and the environment, maintain long white, easy to care for them. They have excellent rigidity. But it is not everything. They can be entirely recycled. In this way re-used not only the old window, but also valuable waste arising in the manufacture of PVC windows. This means for us the perfect realization of the principles of economic circulation – from the windows created another window.