• High energy and cost savings with new, high insulation 76 mm system (with a special horizontal sash seal)– Uw value = 0,76 W/(m²K).
  • Enhanced quality of life through perfect sound insulation up to 48 dB. Greater security – with the possibility of implementing integrated anti-burglary systems (protection systems); RC2 security class.
  • Easy-care thanks to robust and weatherproof surfaces of highest quality
  • Durable quality
  • Exceptionally easy and comfortable to operate thanks to cutting-edge technology
  • Available in white as well as foiled in woodgrain structure with a variety of colours to chose from, with either smooth or wood surface technology
  • Provides the possibility of implementing innovative aluminium AluClip or AluClip Pro

Innovative technology.
The innovative design of KÖMMERLING 76 mm AD enables the incorporation of modern triple glazing of up to 48 mm thickness or special functional glazing. Thanks to intelligent mounting technology, the system can be installed quickly and with little effort. This means replacing your old windows with new ones with modern KÖMMERLING 76 mm AD systems is simply a pleasure.

Best-in-class window system.

There are no compromises with KÖMMERLING 76 mm AD window system. It possesses all the features a window of the future can offer – from its geometric shape and every-day performance, to static properties, thermal and sound insulation value, to environmental protection. Not only does it meet all present-day requirements but, more significantly, those of the future.