Windows with value-added features.

There are no compromises with KÖMMERLING 76 mm MD window system. It boasts all the features a window of the future can offer – from its geometric shape and every-day performance, to static properties, thermal and sound insulation value, to environmental protection. Not only does it meet all present-day requirements but, more significantly, those of the future.

Slender look
Slim and finely-made profiles expand the window pane surface. On top of that, the system is available in a comprehensive range of designs. You can choose between wood surfaces, plain, uniform colours, innovative anodised or powder-varnished aluminum facing shells.

Excellent heat insulation
KÖMMERLING 76 mm MD system is distinguished by superior thermal insulation values. It uses the innovative technology of proEnergyTec insulating fillings. This system consisting of a middle seal guarantees superior heat insulation properties – Uf value up to 1,0 W/(m²K) in its standard version, and Uw value of up to 0,73 W/(m²K)

More sound insulation
KÖMMERLING 76 mm MD system with special glazing provides optimum outdoor sound insulation. This system reaches sound insulation value of up to 48 dB.

Better burglary protection
KÖMMERLING 76mm MD window profiles are designed in a way which enables easy installation of special security fittings as well as additional anti-burglary measures such as blinds or shutters. RC2 security class

Outstanding seal tightness
The innovative seal levels keep out draughts, dust and rain to create a pleasant living environment.

Easy maintenance
The high quality surfaces of KÖMMERLING 76 mm MD systems are exceptionally weather resistant and easy to clean.

Excellent stability
Optimally positioned steel reinforcements in frame and sash profiles deliver perfect window statics. In the version with adhesive-fitted glazing there are three components ‘sash – adhesive – glass’ which creates an exceptionally stable structure. In the version with aluminum AluClip, the clip assumes the static function.

More convenience
With the latest fittings technology all types of windows are available. It also makes the windows remarkably easy to operate. It means openning and closing them becomes very comfortable.

Perfect ventilation
KÖMMERLING 76 mm MD incorporates an optimized ventilation system programme to ensure a pleasant climate in the living environment.

Superb durability
Our high-quality and environmentally friendly plastic profiles following the greenline technology principle guarantee durability and enhance the value of your property

76 mm
KÖMMERLING system’s low construction depth of 76 mm (o głębokości zabudowy 76 mm) isn’t only perfect for new buildings, but it is also outstanding for renovation projects with complex architectural and energy-related requirements.