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KÖMMERLING 88 PLUS sets new horizons for thermal window protection. It is an outstanding and high-class system based on the highest quality window profiles made of plastic. Superior technical features and modern design place this profile system on the cutting edge of contemporary window technology.

6-chamber profile technology. Thanks to integrating an innovative steel reinforcement an additional 7th chamber is introduced, which improves thermal insulation

impermeable barrier against low temperatures

greater comfort, less risk of condensation, thanks to the U-value of 1.0 to 0.8 W/(m2*K)
Three seal levels – better protection against wind and rain
innovative sash rebate seal

a drainage groove in the frame for condensing water

a wider range of glazing (24-46 / 52 mm), more robust, triple pane, protection against noise and burglary

durability and stability of profiles due to greater static properties

easy to clean and maintain due to safely integrated fittings – behind the thermoinsulating middle seal

KÖMMERLING 88 Plus series profiles are one of the most technically advanced PVC systems on the market. Thanks to the application of special reinforcements (Passive version) the window partition meets high energy saving requirements and can be used in passive houses. By using this profile system we can reach a significant reduction of heating bills while still benefiting from the attractive price of the windows.

Below you can find the range of colours available for KÖMMERLING 88 plus profiles. The profiles can be coated on one or both sides. Depending on the chosen colour and whether one or both sides are to be coated, the waiting time for the order may be extended. There are colour charts/swatches available in our offices. Our staff in the sales department are available to provide you with detailed information, either by phone or email. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Woodlike colours

gold oak

rustic oak

swamp oak

dark oak

black oak

Mountain pine





Plain colours

white cream

brown burgundy

dark green

brown black


anthracite gray

gray quartz

Metallic colors





Plain and smooth colours

anthracite gray

gray slate

gray signal

Our window profiles are stabilized by environmentally friendly calcium and zinc instead of lead. This way, not only do we care about the environment but also ensure the long-lasting quality of your windows – they are even more weather-resistant, keep their gloss for longer, and are easier to maintain. Here’s concern for the environment with benefits for you.