KÖMMERLING 88 combines the advantages of both of these materials with the good taste of aluminum. AluClip Pro gives you a combination of materials that sets the trend. And with almost unlimited choices of colors for aluminum covers due to finishing techniques such as anodizing and powder coating.

AluClip Pro takes over the bearing functions, which are usually reserved for steel reinforcement inside the wing profile. Consequently, steel reinforcement is no longer needed in the wing profile. This in turn leads to further improvement in thermal insulation. With the proEnergyTec version, the wing reinforcement and frame can be filled with foam. With this technology you can easily recycle at a later date, you can achieve optimum thermal insulation values, ie a Uf value of 0.79 W / (m2K).

However, the convincing features of the new generation of profiles are not only energy saving features, but also the architectural potential of our eyes to the future: a stable structure can triple or ultra modern functional glass up to 56 mm thick. KÖMMERLING 88 allows for spacious windows in visually appealing façades with exceptional acoustic performance. In addition, large windows allow more solar energy to travel – especially in the winter – thus minimizing energy demand and thus CO2 emissions.

This system is also an ecological example – the KÖMMERLING brand is the world’s first manufacturer of key profiles for the production of profiles not only with regranulate in primary PVC-U, but also with lead free PVC with green stabilizers for calcium and zinc. This ensures that people using KÖMMERLING products also work to protect the environment.

• a design of a straight line window profile with a back to aluminum profiles

• Excellent thermal insulation compared to aluminum windows – Uf value up to 0.79 W / (m2K)

• wide glazing up to 56 mm for three-layer and special glass units

• High stability due to functional aluminum profiles

• Exterior appearance of aluminum, inside neutral white

• Almost unlimited choice of aluminum coating colors thanks to finishing techniques such as anodizing and powder coating.

• All PVC profiles are manufactured with lead-free stabilizers • based on calcium and zinc.

Below is the color profile of KÖMMERLING Eurofutur Ellegance profiles. Profiles can be coated on one side or on both sides. Depending on the color selected and the one-sided or double-sided option, the ordering time may be longer. Color templates are available in our offices. Any detailed information will be provided by our staff in our sales offices, by telephone or by electronic mail. Please contact us

Wood-like colors

golden oak

oak rustic

swamp oak

dark oak

black oak

mountain pine





Simple colors

white cream

burgundy brown

dark green

brown black


gray anthracite

gray quartz

Straight colors smooth

gray anthracite

gray shale

gray signal

Window profiles are stabilized with environmentally friendly calcium and zinc instead of lead. Not only do we care about the environment, but also the quality of windows throughout their life – they are even more resistant to weathering, longer shine and easier to recycle. This is a cost effective environment.