Discover a better quality of life!

KÖMMERLING 76 AD is a modern and best-in-class system of PVC windows and doors. The highest quality, measurable savings in energy costs, optimal protection against noise, a degree of protection against hacking and various possibilities for shaping the outer surface testify to the advantage of the system. Deciding on a window system KÖMMERLING 76 AD are making the right decision, increasing their quality of life.

  • High savings in energy costs – a new system of 76 mm Double seal with the highest performance thermal insulation – coefficient Uw for reference window to 0.76 W / (m2K)
  • Improved quality of life through perfect sound insulation to 48 dB.
    Increased security – the ability to use the integrated anti-intrusion systems (systems curtain); antywłamaniowości class RC2.
  • Easy to maintain, thanks to durable, resistant to changing weather conditions the surface of the highest quality.
  • Long service life of the window.
  • High comfort and exceptional functionality thanks to modern technology.
  • The system is available in white decor and veneer in a wide range of colors with smooth or wood structure.
  • Ability to use innovative aluminum overlays AluClip or AluClip Pro.

Innovative technologies. The innovative design of the system KÖMMERLING 76mm AD allows for the possibility of seating in the modern package 3-glazing thickness up to 48 mm, and a variety of window functions. Intelligent techniques fixings professional installation is carried out quickly, efficiently and without much effort. Replacing old windows with new ones – modern windows in the system KÖMMERLING 76 mm AD is so “pure pleasure”.

Window system the best in its class.

The windows in the system KÖMMERLING 76 mm AD is a choice without compromise. They are characterized by all parameters of modern windows future. From the point of view of the shape of the geometry through functionality, and static coefficients of thermal and acoustic insulation, to the environmental protection system not only meets current requirements, but above all the requirements of the future.