Window blinds have been accompanying windows for years. In spite of that, their technical features are still being improved. Thanks to that, modern window blinds have been implemented with reliable mechanisms made of durable materials which guarantee trouble-free performance for many years. Standard window blinds have slats with the width of 16 mm and 25 mm. For large rooms 50 mm slats are recommended.
Our offer also includes vertical window blinds. They are indispensable in offices, conference rooms and other interiors with large-size glazing.
Since only properly installed window blinds guarantee reliable performance, we recommend you to use the services of our assembly team.
Highest quality and functionality guaranteed.

The main advantage of our window blinds is the possibility to comfortably adjust the amount of light entering the room. Using them is very easy and comes down to rotating the slats by means of a slat tilting mechanism placed on either side of the blinds. There are many colours available (including woodlike) to match with the interior colour.
Visit our sales department and check out the ready-made window blinds and find out about their advantages.