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Stand-away-sliding system


Comfort has many dimensions. Thanks to its high stability, the PremiLine sliding door and window system is extremely easy to use – even with large glazing! High quality and perfect design guarantee an optimal solution that meets the expectations of the most demanding users.

  • Possibility to implement large sliding window and door structures;
  • Option to use different packages;
  • Integrated brush seals and PCE glass seals;
  • The system is compatible with all standard 70 mm systems and the roller shutter system with the RolaPlus box;
  • Easy and quiet sliding of doors and windows thanks to the use of special rails;
  • Original design – double refraction of the visible surface of the wing;
  • Variety in color selection.
  • Extremely durable sliding elements.
  • High security profiles and frames.
  • Possibility to select gaskets in the color of the profile.
  • Available in a wide range of colors.
A world of colors

Experience a new sense of freedom!

We offer PVC sliding systems in a wide range of colors and structures.