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folding door


External folding doors give a lot of freedom to users. Thanks to them, you can easily use favorable weather conditions and almost literally eliminate the barrier between the interior of the building and its surroundings.

Such a door can therefore be a perfect, wide passage from the house to the terrace or a combination of a cafe or restaurant with its outdoor area, used seasonally.

The MB-86 FOLD LINE system is a very convenient solution in everyday use and at the same time having high technical parameters and enabling the production of large-size structures. Folding doors can be opened both to the outside and inside of the building, and they can have any configuration of the wings. It is a modern product, designed to meet the high requirements of users, architects and investors.

Features and advantages of the MB-86 FOLD LINE system:

  • three-chamber, durable aluminum sections with a structural depth of 86 mm for frames and 77 mm for door leaves
  • central section chamber equipped with 24 mm wide thermal breaks for frames and 34 mm for door leaves, which translates into high thermal insulation performance of the structure specialized fittings dedicated to the MB-86 FOLD LINE system, ensuring comfortable functioning of door leaves with a maximum weight up to 100 kg
  • large acceptable dimensions of the structure, allowing the construction of doors with a leaf height of up to 2700 mm and a width of up to 1000 mm
  • different versions of threshold solutions: classic – with a swing seal or convenient to use – with a low threshold
  • a large range of glazing from 14 to 61.5 mm, allowing the use of both single and double-chamber packages, including specialist packages: with increased acoustic insulation or burglary resistance
  • a significant scope of compatibility of the MB-86 FOLD LINE system structure with the well-known and valued ALUPROF MB-86 window and door system: profile joining analogous to MB-86, as well as some sections, gaskets and accessories common to both systems </ li >

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